Daemar’s Range of HNBR Elastomers

Daemar’s HNBR o-rings are available in complete range of durometer (70, 80 & 90) to cover various applications of different industries. HNBR is ideal for industrial products normally made of NBR, and can be used in more severe conditions with much longer service life.
HNBR elastomers can provide a wide range of performance at a cost between nitrile rubber (NBRs) and (per)fluoroelastomers (FMKs). They fill the gap between these two elastomers in numerous areas of application where there is a need of resistance to heat and aggressive media simultaneously. Typical applications include o-rings, hammer union seals and gaskets for use in the oil and gas industry to aid in reducing fugitive emissions.
Other advantages include media resistance; heat and oxidation stability; high mechanical strength; improved wear resistance; and temperature range from –50 °C to +160 °C.

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