Encino Environmental Services Introduces Enviromech™ Composite Thief Hatch for Reducing Emissions from Storage Tanks into the Environment

Encino Environmental Services, LLC (“Encino”), a leader in emissions performance testing, leak detection, quantification, and analytics for the Energy sector and other industries, announced the introduction of its latest innovation, the new Enviromech™ composite thief hatch for produced liquid storage tanks (hydrocarbon and associated water).

Oil and Gas storage tank thief hatches are traditionally made from carbon steel and/or aluminum which are vulnerable to the oxidative environments typically found in oil and produced water storage tanks that, over time, create micro fissures in gasket sealing surfaces. These micro fissures expand, creating voids which negatively impact fit, finish, and ultimately emissions performance. Enviromech composite thief hatches are made from durable composite glass-reinforced polyetherimide material, delivering a significant step up in environmental performance and safety from existing technology.

Enviromech composite hatches are substantially less prone to warping or morphing due to extreme temperature changes and are significantly more resistant to oxidative and corrosive degradation resulting from long-term exposure to hydrocarbons and acrid water vapor. This durability has been validated through accelerated pressure and corrosion testing that resulted in far superior performance against current products on the market.

As a result, Enviromech composite hatches provide greater integrity over the long-term, mitigating emissions from liquids storage tanks, arguably the most significant sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and methane emissions on a well site and/or facility. Enviromech hatches have been field tested across multiple basins and operating environments over the last year.

Courtesy of Enviromech.

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