Partnership in Global CCUS Initiative Leverages International Investment in Three Alberta-Led Projects

Three Alberta-led carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects are receiving funding as part of Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) international partnership with Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT). ERA is committing $3 million to 3 projects worth over $11 million. Funding is sourced from Alberta’s industry-funded Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund. Additional investment from Norway and the United States was also committed.

These innovative Alberta-based projects were selected through the ACT consortium’s ACT4 Call. Successful projects required a consortium consisting of at least two eligible applicants from at least two countries/regions participating in ACT4 Call. All three projects involve development, scale-up, field testing, piloting, demonstration, or deployment of technology within Alberta or Alberta-based companies working on technology in a partner’s region.

The three Alberta-led projects selected include:

Carbon Management Canada

Develop a low-cost, high resolution monitoring technology for CO2 storage facilities

ERA funding: $1,100,000 | Project value: $6,100,000

Location: Calgary, Alberta | ACT partners: Norway, United States

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Bind CO2 into a variety of feedstocks to create cementitious materials for use in concrete

ERA funding: $600,000 | Project value: $1,900,000

Location: Calgary, Alberta; Golden, Colorado | ACT partners: United States

Repsol Canada

Investigate the feasibility for permanent storage of CO2 in depleted gas reservoirs

ERA funding: $1,300,000 | Project value: $3,300,000

Location: Edson, Alberta | ACT partners: United States

In total, six projects will be supported under ACT4 Call, including the three ERA-funded initiatives. The total budget of the 6 projects is $23 million (including in-kind and industry funds), of which $16 million is from ACT partners. Projects were selected through a rigorous one-stage evaluation process led by each national funding agency.

Courtesy of Emissions Reduction Alberta.

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