Energy Capital Partners’ Harvestone Low Carbon Partners Commence CO2 Injection at Carbon Capture Facility

Harvestone Low Carbon Partners (“HLCP”), a portfolio company of Energy Capital Partners (“ECP”), announced it has commenced carbon dioxide (CO2) injection as a part of its Blue Flint Ethanol carbon capture and storage (CCS) project facility near Underwood, North Dakota.

The Blue Flint facility began active CO2 injection in October 2023 after receiving final approval from the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources. Blue Flint is the first facility in the United States to begin actively capturing and injecting CO2 after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Blue Flint Ethanol plant produces more than 200,000 metric tonnes per year of CO2, as a byproduct of the fermentation process. Using CCS, Blue Flint is capturing 100% of its CO2 emissions from the fermentation process and is injecting approximately 600 metric tons of CO2 per day. The CO2 is permanently stored underground about one mile below the surface in the Broom Creek formation.

Harvestone is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable practices for local communities. As a leading clean energy investor with a long track record of successful investments, ECP will facilitate HLCP’s vision to develop renewable energy that benefits local communities.

Courtesy of Energy Capital Partners.

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