FLIR MWIR Camera Cores for Faster OGI

FLIR Systems Inc. has announced three Neutrino midwave-IR (MWIR) camera cores, expanding its cooled camera core family for industrial, commercial and defense OEM and system integration.

The Neutrino LC is a high-operating-temperature MWIR camera core. It is small, light and consumes very little power, so the LC can be easily integrated with smaller drones to allow drone operators to fly longer. Neutrino can image two times faster than previous models, allowing optical gas imaging (OGI) professionals to detect gases faster. In addition, the Neutrino’s longer operational lifetime allows installation in security applications where maintenance access is restricted, difficult and/or costly.

The two new Neutrino Performance series products, the Neutrino SX12 and the Neutrino QX, offer the highest-resolution MWIR performance from FLIR. The Neutrino SX12 produces high-definition thermal imaging video, while Neutrino QX, with more than 3.1 MP, is FLIR’s highest resolution MWIR core. Both Neutrino Performance models provide sharp imagery from long distances while maintaining a wide field of view. 

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