The Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas Steering Committee was pleased to review the first round of abstracts at the committee meeting on February 17th. Joined by members from across the U.S., the committee helped to successfully solidify a preliminary conference plan which includes in-depth technical workshops, interesting keynote presentations and live demonstrations that aim to satisfy and intrigue end users, EPCs, manufacturers and distributors alike that are interested in learning more about the ever-changing world of fugitive emission regulation and control.


Chairman Bronson Pate, Global Vice President, RFS Compliance Solutions, will host the first keynote session at the Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas Conference on December 9th at 10:00 am. Pate will welcome all attendees and provide an overview of the presentations, interactive demonstrations and networking opportunities that will be offered throughout the two-day event, utilizing his extensive knowledge and insight obtained from 20+ years of experience in the industrial fugitive emissions space.

Greg Johnson, President, United Valve, will present the second keynote on December 9th at 10:30 am, discussing air quality improvement from a historical perspective with emphasis on industry standards, compliance and organizations’ adherence to environmental laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to the industrial community. Johnson will touch on regulatory compliance, evolving climate policies, advancing technologies, changes to U.S. administration and implications for emission monitoring.

Tim Goedeker, Senior Principal Environmental Consultant, Phillips 66, will present a high-level technical overview on leak detection and repair (LDAR), benzene waste (BWON) and tanks, reviewing regulatory updates and introducing new technology and ideas from both an environmental and industry perspective. This hour-long keynote presentation on December 10th will serve as a meeting point for workshop discussions on day one.

FESAM 2020 Keynotes


Leak Detection & Repair

The LDAR workshop on day one will discuss the multitude of procedures available for a facility to locate and repair
leaking components, including valves, pumps, connectors, compressors and agitators to minimize the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Presentations will touch on the latest developments and advancements in emission detection, including alternative work practice (AWP), optical gas imaging (OGI), and aerial and methane imaging. The workshop will be chaired by Kevin Moses, Director of Operations, LDARtools.

Benzene Waste 

The BWON workshop on day one will review the plethora of new information and technology available on benzene waste. BWON is not audited with the consistency of LDAR, thus the industrial community often lacks the necessary technical information to conduct and enact adequate environmental protocols. This workshop intends to bridge that knowledge gap. The workshop will be chaired by Tim Goedeker, Senior Principal Environmental Consultant, Phillips 66.


The Tanks workshop on day one will review the standards and procedures surrounding tanks for fugitive emission control. The workshop will discuss the planning, design, surveying and testing of industrial tanks, and how to best mediate leakage in large-scale equipment and storage facilities. The workshop will be chaired by Sam Davis, President, RFS Compliance Solutions.


Monitoring & Testing Technology

The Monitoring & Testing Technology workshops taking place in the morning and afternoon of day two, will focus on air monitoring methods and technologies, and their effectiveness to mitigate and control gaseous and particulate fugitive emissions. Presentations will include such topics as FSA gasket testing, R&D technology advancements, troubleshooting API & EPA regulations and live demonstrations. The workshop’s morning session will be chaired by Nasr Alkadi, Energy, Ecology & Sustainability Leader, Baker Hughes and Foster Voelker II, Director of Engineering, Beric Valves in the afternoon.

Air Permitting

The Air Permitting workshop on day two will discuss fugitive emissions from a standards perspective. Presentations will include such topics as U.S. EPA regulations for regulated equipment, best practices and a historical review of consent decrees over the past decade. The workshop will be chaired by Bronson Pate, Global Vice President, RFS Compliance Solutions.

Emission Control & Prevention

The Emission Control & Prevention workshops will cover the latest and greatest industry innovations and technologies in the realm of emission prevention. Design application, valve repair, sealing performance, stem alignment, low emission valve stem packing, stuffing and pressure relief methods, externally pressurized gas bearing technology, injectables and upstream oil and gas calculations are a few of the topics that will be discussed. The workshop will be chaired by Ned Davis, Founder, Maui Innovation Group in the morning, and Rodney Roth, Global Valve & Subject Matter Expert, Carrara, in the afternoon.

Best Management Practices

The Best Management Practices workshop on day two will review the modern valve manufacturing environment, with everincreasing emphasis on adequate HSE management, operational efficiency and the safety of employees and staff set alongside industry standards for emission control. The workshop intends to provide a guideline, or ‘playbook’ for existing engineers, and young engineers entering the industry in efforts to bridge the knowledge gap between generations. The workshop will be chaired by Steve West, LDAR/Environmental Engineer, Solvay.


Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas Exhibition

End users, EPCs, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors will be brought together under one roof to share knowledge and forge business relationships for the future at the Fugitive Emissions Summit Americas Expo. Experienced staff will be on site and readily available to answer any questions, provide information and showcase company products and services. Come network with industry experts, as sharing knowledge and experience with the industrial community can help expand your professional horizons, and further develop your skillset. Registered visitors can attend the exhibition free!

Contact Josh Gillen at for more information on the exhibition.

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