HTOO & BGR plan green hydrogen projects in India

Fusion Fuel Green PLC (HTOO), a green hydrogen technology company has signed an MoU with BGR Energy Systems Limited (BGRENERGY), the EPC company, to develop green hydrogen projects in India. The companies intend to establish an initial demonstrator plant in India in 2021 and thereafter develop larger-scale projects in the region for the supply of hydrogen for the production of green ammonia and bio-ethanol, and as a feedstock for other heavy industrial applications. 
Fusion Fuel will install a small demonstrator facility for BGR Energy in the region of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India in the second half of 2021 using its market-leading HEVO-SOLAR technology to generate cost-competitive green hydrogen. The companies will then co-develop projects throughout India, leveraging BGR Energy’s extensive client network and existing commercial footprint. The companies will also explore broader areas of potential cooperation given BGR Energy’s broad competencies in the energy, environmental and industrial sectors.
Hydrogen already plays a critical role in the Indian economy, with roughly 6 million tons of hydrogen consumed annually, primarily in the production of ammonia and methanol, as well as for use in refineries. A recent study from The Energy and Resources Institute estimated that demand could grow to as much as 28 million tons by 2050. Virtually all the hydrogen consumed in India today is grey hydrogen, the production of which emits roughly 9 tons of CO2 per ton of hydrogen. Enabling cost-effective domestic production of green hydrogen will be critical to reduce the carbon intensity of heavy industry and help India achieve its energy security and emissions targets.
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