‘Intelligent’ Exhaust Valves to Cut Emissions

Brunel University London is the first university in the United Kingdom to research how single-cylinder intelligent valve technology could reduce emissions for the vehicles of the future.

Researchers at the Brunel’s Centre for Advanced Powertrain and Fuels (CAPF), claim the electronic system could accelerate engine development, to help car companies meet new emissions regulations.

The Camcon Auto’s Single Cylinder Intelligent Valve Technology replaces the traditional camshaft on a petrol engine with digitally controlled electric valve mechanisms. This both cuts emissions gives more flexibility in the gas exchange process. The valve technology is compatible with most single cylinder combustion development engines and works on both inlet and exhaust valves. The system also features an intelligent actuator for each valve. Each offers full-time, fast-feedback control, allowing any valve timing, period or lift with the touch of a button.
Image Courtesy of Brunel University.
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