KITZ and JPN H2DRO to Collaborate on Hydrogen Station for the Wide Adoption of Hydrogen-Powered Vessels

KITZ announced that it will deliver a full set of equipment for a bunkering facility at a hydrogen station. The station is for filling tugboats equipped with hydrogen-dual fuel combustion engines, which are under research and development by JPN H2Ydro. 

JPN H2Ydro is an engineering and trading company engaged in hydrogen-powered vessels. It was established as a joint venture between Tsuneishi Group, a major shipbuilding and shipping enterprise in Japan, and CMB.Tech, an R&D subsidiary of Belgian shipping major CMB Group. With its experience of commercially operating the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry Hydro Bingo in 2021, JPN H2Ydro is promoting the adoption of hydrogen-powered vessels, which is in the spotlight as a means to decarbonize the shipping industry. KITZ will supply a full set of equipment for the hydrogen station for vessels with the expertise it has accumulated in hydrogen stations for fuel cell vehicles. 

The hydrogen station will be constructed in Hydrogen Engine R&D Center and used to refill tugboats and other vessels equipped with hydrogen engines. Hoses will be passed from the onshore station to a floating island where the vessels can be moored and refilled. 

KITZ will provide its proprietary package units that integrate valves and other key equipment for hydrogen stations that are essential infrastructures for the hydrogen society, combining its technologies on fluid control and high-pressure hydrogen. Through this, KITZ will continue to contribute toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society. 

Courtesy of KITZ. 

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