IMI Critical Engineering Completes First Pilot Test for Green Hydrogen Generation Ahead of Series fo European Electrolyzer Installations

IMI Critical Engineering has successfully completed its first field test for the generation of green hydrogen using its new IMI VIVO polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer. 

The pilot test, undertaken at IMI Remosa’s newly-opened 16,000m2 facility in Sardinia, saw a 200kW IMI VIVO PEM electrolyzer successfully complete its test program in May 2023, generating 4,0kg/h (44,0Nm3/h) at 30barg of green hydrogen. 

The successful completion of the pilot test paves the way for a series of upcoming electrolyzer installations at UK and European research institutes throughout 2023 and 2024. 

IMI VIVO’s PEM electrolyzer will be available in 100kW to 5MW power class skids. It can be made fully bespoke to end-user requirements thanks to a ‘turnkey’ configuration which includes a high or low-pressure storage tank, compressor, and optional fuelling equipment. 

The manufacturer sees significant opportunities for the IMI VIVO electrolyzer across power-to-mobility, power-to-gas and power-to-power applications. 

The IMI VIVO electrolyzer and hydrogen storage vessels will be manufactured in the same IMI Remosa (Remosa s.r.l) facility that staged the pilot test. Its lower power scale compared to larger units makes it well-placed for organizations looking to start their own explorations into green hydrogen generation. 

Courtesy of IMI Critical Engineering. 

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