KLINGER Eco-Seal gasket

KLINGER UK introduces the KLINGER Eco-Seal spiral wound gasket: A new standard in sustainability for the oil and gas industry. 
The Eco-Seal spiral wound gasket offers superior leakage performance for flange integrity and reduced fugitive emissions. As the tightest spiral wound gasket ever produced by KLINGER, the Eco-Seal is positioned to set the bar for leakage control.
As sustainability and eco-awareness take global priority, clean energy standards are becoming increasingly stringent. Leakage and emissions reduction are of clear concern in the oil and gas industry. Fugitive emissions (uncontrolled or unmonitored emissions from pressurized containment) are one metric gaining focus as green efforts ramp up. Current regulatory guidelines call for setting maximum leakage rates at set compressive loads, giving manufacturers a defined standard to reach.
Rather than settling on attaining current ASME B16.20-2017 standards, KLINGER UK, with the Eco-Seal, has gone further and developed a spiral wound gasket that is 10 times tighter than the standard. In conjunction, KLINGER is committed to quantifying the volume of fugitive emissions saved. Testing across multiple sizes and class ratings of Eco-Seal gaskets will give customers clear metrics for how these seals act and perform, allowing them to develop tangible system-wide green ratings. Studies show that flanges account for up to one-third of all fugitive emissions, making the Eco-Seal gasket’s focus on raised face bolted joints a prime opportunity to greatly lower a system’s environmental impact.
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