Mokveld Introduces the First True Zero Emission Valve

Reducing fugitive emissions is a top priority in the battle against climate change. That is why Dutch company Mokveld Valves BV is introducing a unique zero emission innovation - the world’s first valve without dynamic seals to the atmosphere.

Mokveld has incorporated an electric actuator inside its new valve, eliminating the stem seal to atmosphere entirely. Common valve designs rely on stem seals to prevent process fluid leakage to the environment. Such dynamic stem seals are prone to wear and tear and degradation, over time showing increased emissions. By eliminating the stem seal altogether, Mokveld’s new Zero emission valve prevents any leakage to atmosphere throughout the valve’s entire life cycle. This groundbreaking technology brings achieving Scope 1 GHG goals one step closer – zero fugitive emissions.

The Zero emission valve consumes very little power and requires a low actuation force. This is achieved by eliminating the stem seal and its associated friction in combination with Mokveld’s trademark fully pressure balanced design. Power consumption over the valve’s lifetime is reduced even further by cutting power to its drive under steady-state conditions, using a self-braking drive nut. This contributes towards achieving Scope 2 GHG goals - reduced indirect emissions.
The low actuation forces in combination with state-of-the-art servo control provides for unmatched control accuracy. The overall valve control performance is improved, with virtually zero dead time and zero overshoot.

Over eighteen months of field trials have fully confirmed the design’s benefits, resulting in its TRL7 status.

The valve’s compact, lightweight design contributes towards achieving Scope 3 GHG goals - reduced value chain emissions.

Courtesy of Mokveld. 

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