Zero Leak Valve System Helps Reduce Methane Emissions

Industrial technology company ZL Innovations, creators of the "Zero Leak, Zero Emissions, Zero Maintenance" magnetic circuit-based valve system, has introduced sustainable magnetic valve technology as a vital component in curbing fugitive emissions in Energy and Chemical industrial processes. ZL Innovations Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ned Davis presented an innovative Magnetically Actuated Lethal and Severe Service Valve during the "Fugitive Emissions – Emerging Technologies" section of the recent Valve World Americas Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas.

Responding to President Biden’s announcement at the United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland regarding methane emissions, in particular, Dr. Davis commented on the magnetic valve system as a solution that can help minimize methane leaks: "With the increased scrutiny and impending EPA regulations announced at COP26, we are pleased to be able to offer the oil and gas, and chemical industries a Zero Leak valve that can lower methane and other fugitive emissions by as much as 67%. This is possible because our unique fully encapsulated magnetic actuation system allows us to eliminate the traditional valve packing, where the majority of failures resulting in unintended emissions take place."

ZL Innovations has also extended its patented Zero Leak magnetic valve technology into the ultra-critical Lethal and Severe Services valve market, including industrial applications that utilize toxic materials, often at high temperatures and pressures. It is the ultimate test of valve mechanicals and seal integrity because leaks and failures can put the plant, workers, and even communities at risk.

Courtesy of ZL Innovations. 
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