New Mexico Environmental Department Ozone Precursor Rule: How Will Facilities be Impacted?

On July 26th 2022, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) published the 20.5.50 Oil & Gas Sector – Ozone Precursor Pollutants (Part 50) in Issue 14 of the NM Register. The goal of this regulation according to the NMED is to, establish emissions standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) for oil and gas sources located in areas of the State within the Environmental Improvement Board’s jurisdiction where ozone concentrations are exceeding 95% of the national ambient air quality standard” (NMED, 2020).

The standards for equipment leaks in section are more stringent in terms of the scope of process streams and total monitoring events than the current federal leak detection and repair (LDAR) requirements. Part 50 becomes effective on August 5th, 2022, so it is important to understand the LDAR implications at applicable facilities.

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