New Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Dublin

Irish Water has received approval for its Greater Dublin Drainage (GDD) project in North Dublin, from An Bord Pleanála, the Irish Planning Board. 

Anticipating a population spike and increased commercial activity, it is suspected the volume of wastewater generated in the greater Dublin area will increase by more than half in the next 30 years. The addition of another major wastewater treatment plant is essential to protect public health and safeguard the environment, said Irish Water.

“This announcement is a landmark planning decision for the sustainable growth of the Dublin area,” commented Seán Laffey, Head of Asset Management for Irish Water. “The GDD project is vital for residential and commercial development across north Dublin and south Fingal. New homes and businesses can only be built with new wastewater infrastructure to support them.”

According to the plans, an underground pipeline will collect and transfer wastewater using a new pumping station at Abbotstown, from Blanchardstown to an advanced wastewater treatment facility in Clonshaugh. The treated water will then be returned to the Irish Sea through a marine outfall pipeline.
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