Neway HT&HP Floating Ball Valve Passes Certification

Recently, the high temperature & high pressure floating ball valve prototype developed by Neway Valve was witnessed by Lloyd’s Register, and successfully passed the high temperature cycle test of 550℃ and 650℃. The test process was carried out in accordance with API 6D (ISO 5208) strictly. The cycle test content includes room temperature, high temperature and back to room temperature test. The whole test process lasted for 5 days and final test results of the prototype meet ISO 5208 Rate A requirement.

The high temperature and high pressure floating ball valve prototype (NPS 1” Class2500) developed by Neway Valve took several months from the design, procurement to the assembly, test and a series of other processes. The personnel of the R&D department participated in and tracked the whole process to ensure zero flaws at each node and the smooth development of the prototype.

High temperature and high pressure metal seated ball valve is mainly used in petrochemical industry, HT & HP steam transmission system for power industry, high temperature flue gas pipeline device and other fields. Its successful research and development not only lays a solid foundation for mass production later, but also increases the competitiveness of Neway in the valve market.

Courtesy of Neway Valve.
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