Osperity Launches Fugitive Emissions Monitoring System

From natural gas extraction to petrochemical operations and power generation, companies benefit greatly by relying on optical gas imaging (OGI) technology for inspection and maintenance. Leaks and fugitive emissions such as methane can occur as a result of aging assets, corrosion, mechanical failure and other factors. Proactively spot these leaks quickly and from a safe distance. Viper systems utilize OGI cameras and integrated ViperOptic software to detect and quantify hundreds of industrial gases.

When Viper detects an event, Osperity’s platform will send out and exception-based alert notifying stakeholders immediately.

Fugitive Gas EmissionsFixed Monitoring Systems: Continuous monitoring provides immediate notification of fugitive gas emissions. Viper OGI systems can constantly monitor vital gas pipelines and installations in remote areas or zones with difficult accessibility. To maximize the camera field of view, Pan/Tilt mounting option is available. Incorporate a Methane Laser to expand the quantification capabilities.

Fixed systems are rated for hazardous areas and feature built-in gas quantification.

Courtesy of Osperity. 
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