Rotork launches intelligent asset management system

Rotork has launched a programme of advanced analytics for the management of intelligent flow control assets. 
Intelligent Asset Management is a cloud-based asset management system for intelligent actuators and the flow control equipment they operate. It is a system of advanced analytics to improve the reliability and availability of key assets (such as valves) across all industries that use flow control processes. Failure of key equipment on any site or plant can result in unplanned downtime, poor performance, reduced output yields, and reputational damage. By collecting data and monitoring asset status, Intelligent Asset Management can lead to long-term operational stability.
Intelligent Asset Management uses the information downloaded from the data logs recorded within intelligent actuators. It is a robust, safe, and secure online platform with a simple to use intuitive interface that can run on all operating systems. Summary views and colour coded maps simplify complex analytics into easy to understand visuals. The key areas of information that are taken from data loggers and uploaded to Intelligent Asset Management are torque, temperature, vibration, and event log information (such as open and close starts log, movement log, and alarm log). Live diagnostic actuator data is available for sites that use a Rotork Master Station (via the Gateway computer), such as alerts and actuator status.
The advanced analytics within Intelligent Asset Management removes the need to manually review data, saving time. Early detection of issues will allow resolution before costly failure, aiding Rotork’s customers in saving money and reducing downtime. Intelligent Asset Management is available both as a standalone offering and as part of a combined solution to meet individual customer needs. Performance, process criticality, product, and operational data are combined to assess asset condition and determine if any intervention is required to prevent performance degradation or failure.
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