Samson’s Carbon Dioxide Reduction Products

Samson Controls has a valve product line that aids in carbon dioxide reduction and value creation. 

Carbon dioxide capture – power plants can combat fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions with pre-combustion capture, post-combustion capture, and oxyfuel capture. Oxyfuel capture is removing carbon dioxide from flue gases after combustion with oxygen, and SAMSON supplies valves for the oxyfuel process.

Carbon dioxide transport – the carbon dioxide that was removed has to be cleaned before being transported. Removing water helps prevent corrosion. SAMSON offers products such as corrosion-resistant valves, anti-surge valves, cryogenic valves, special HIPPS shut-off valves, and ESD valves.

Carbon dioxide storage – Removed carbon dioxide is fed into a wellhead and stores permanently. SAMSON valves have fitted trims to optimize this process. 

Carbon dioxide utilization – Removed carbon dioxide can then be used as raw material to produce polymers or build materials. SAMSON has light and heavy-duty valves for chemical processes to meet requirements as well as valve accessories. 

Image credit: SAMSON
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