Setpoint Integrated Solutions Launches Virtual Service

Setpoint Integrated Solutions announces SNAP, an online booking tool that gives customers easy, remote access to technical experts.

Setpoint SNAP is a scheduling tool that quickly connects users with technical and product experts through virtual meetings or phone calls. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the customer experience, Setpoint SNAP allows customers to obtain expert support from the company’s homepage in just 4 clicks.

Covid-19 has presented unique challenges for the petrochemical industry, which relies upon a network of contractors and distributors to supply and maintain process facilities. Setpoint IS is meeting this challenge by making technical experts easier to reach. Customers can find Setpoint SNAP on the company’s homepage and schedule virtual meetings with product, application, and service specialists in seconds.

“We are excited to be first to market with a solution that allows us to continue enhancing our customer relationships, despite disruptions to the way our customers conduct business resulting from Covid-19 restrictions”, says President and CEO Jeff Birch. “While this solution addresses an immediate need to improve communication during the pandemic, it is part of a broader, company-wide, drive to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.”

Press Release Courtesy of Setpoint Integrated Solutions.

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