Shell, DJI to develop Drone Inspection Technology

Shell Oil Co. and drone manufacturer DJI announced a partnership to develop new methods to improve efficiency and worker safety during industrial inspections and emergency incident response. at Shell’s Deer Park Manufacturing Complex in Texas, USA.

The companies will work together to develop advanced features such as an “AI Spot-Check” tool that combines visual machine learning capability with real-time kinematics (RTK). tHE RTK system will correct a drone’s GPS position as it flies with a known secondary position reference on the ground to produce centimeter-level position data.

“Shell Deer Park is excited to become a Solution Development Partner with DJI as we continue to adopt drone technology,” said Shell Deer Park’s Chief Drone Pilot, John McClain. “Through this partnership, Shell Deer Park will have access to some of the most advanced drone technology from DJI to help elevate workplace safety and improve efficiency across our operations in the world’s largest industry.”

The partnership was announced at DJI’s AirWorks 2020 Conference.

Details Courtesy of Shell and DJI.

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