The Adoption of “NSCarbolex Neutral” for Nittetsu Bolten’s Ultra-High-Strength Bolts

Nippon Steel Corporation (Nippon Steel) is proud to announce that their low CO2 steel product “NSCarbolex™ Neutral” *1 will be used for a high-performance product (Torsia-type ultra-high strength bolt SHTB™) by Nittetsu Bolten Corporation*2 (Nittetsu Bolten). With this, Nittetsu Bolten will expand its lineup of environmentally friendly products in addition to its existing products and will start selling these products in response to customer requests in the future.

Nittetsu Bolten ‘s “Torsia Type Super High Strength Bolt SHTB” is approximately 1.5 times stronger than the conventional bolt (S10T). This characteristic enables a reduction in the number of bolts during construction and a reduction in the weight of the steel frame due to the reduction in the size of the bracing plate. Together with the benefits of reduced construction man-hours associated with these reductions, the product has also been recognized as a product that can reduce CO2 emissions from steel frame fabrication to on-site installation.

The adoption of the low-CO2 steel material “NSCarbolex Neutral” as the material for these ultra-high strength bolts is expected to make them even more environmentally and people-friendly than before.

Nippon will continue to deliver its “NSCarbolex Neutral” and “NSCarbolex Solution” *3 to support its customer’s journey towards decarbonization, enhance their competitiveness, and moreover, contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society.

*1: Steel products CO2 emissions saving in the steel making process are allocated.

*2: Nittetsu Bolten Corporation

*3 “Torsia Type Super High Strength Bolt SHTB” is one of the NSCarbolex Solution products.

Courtesy of Nippon Steel Corporation.

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