Wood Delivers 2,000 Miles of Low Carbon Pipeline Projects in North America

Wood is delivering concept and front-end engineering and design (FEED) studies for nearly 2,000 miles of onshore low carbon pipelines in North America.

Ranked number one in Engineering News Record’s International Design Firms list six times in the past decade, Wood’s experts have designed five of the longest pipelines in the U.S. to date and are seeing a bonanza of new projects on the back of growing investment in clean energy infrastructure.

In addition to completing carbon capture and transportation studies for over 150 facilities globally, Wood is expanding the United States’ network of hydrogen pipelines by a third1 and will add nearly 1,000 miles to carbon capture pipeline networks across North America. Furthermore, at a moment in time when extreme heat has made the delivery of electricity to homes critical, Wood is continuing to grow critical networks for natural gas- working across the region to secure a low carbon energy system for North America.

Courtesy of Wood plc.

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