Zero-Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generators

Generac Power Systems, a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, and EODev, a French developer and manufacturer of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell power generators, announced a formal distribution agreement. Generac will offer EODev’s GEH2 – a large-scale, zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell power generator – to the North American market.

The distribution agreement signifies the continued growth and availability of alternative energy solutions for the industrial power sector, which addresses a pioneering market in the transition to low-carbon and emission-free power solutions. This collaboration emphasizes Generac’s Powering A Smarter World strategic focus and equally expands EODev’s presence in the North American market with its cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind hydrogen fuel cell power generators.
Generac has placed an initial order for the GEH2 generators, some of which have already arrived in the United States. Generac’s ability to manage in-house service and maintenance, rental solutions and client support teams across the country make it an ideal partner for EODev’s expansion plans in North America, as Generac can provide end-clients relevant support to handle acquisition, installation, and servicing of the GEH2 units.

“Generac Industrial Power is proud to partner with EODev to offer GEH2 hydrogen fuel cell power generators to North America,” said Erik Wilde, executive vice president of Industrial – Americas at Generac. “Harnessing the power of hydrogen allows us to provide solutions that are engineered for the planet, while delivering value to customers committed to investments in carbon-free solutions. Hydrogen fuel cell power generators can play an important component in the expanding alternative energy space, and the GEH2 platform demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge products that improve energy resiliency, optimize energy efficiency, and lead in environmental stewardship.”

Courtesy of Generac Power Systems. 
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