Baker Hughes Launches New Druck Hydrogen Pressure Sensor Technology

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, has announced the launch of its latest product for hydrogen – Druck hydrogen-rated pressure sensors.

Designed to offer longer term stability and withstand harsh environments, the hydrogen pressure sensors can be used in a variety of applications including gas turbines, hydrogen production electrolysis and hydrogen filling stations.

Long term exposure to hydrogen gas degrades the performance of a pressure sensor, specifically through hydrogen permeation and embrittlement of the isolation diaphragm, meaning the construction of a hydrogen sensor is key to maintaining accuracy and stability. Baker Hughes’ latest Druck hydrogen pressure sensors apply high-performance barrier coating technology to protect the sensor element from the harsh effects of hydrogen, providing customers with a market-leading minimum lifespan of five years across a wide range of pressures.

Building on the popular UNIK5000 family and supremely accurate RPS/DPS8000 Series, Druck has launched two hydrogen pressure sensor ranges, from 700 mbar (10.2 psi) to 700 bar (10,000 psi).

Baker Hughes’ advanced technologies and solutions serve the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to transportation and utilization. The company’s portfolio includes advanced compressors, gas turbines, valves, centrifugal pumps, non-metallic pipes, hydrogen sensors, monitoring and diagnostics including inspection solutions for hydrogen embrittlement in production and storage, as well as clean power solutions to produce power with hydrogen and hydrogen blends.

Courtesy of Baker Hughes.

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