BP’s Enhanced Recycling Program for PET

BP has developed an enhanced recycling technology, BP Infinia, that enables currently unrecyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic waste to be diverted from landfill or incineration and instead transformed back into new, virgin-quality feedstocks.
BP plans to construct a $25 million pilot plant in the US to prove the technology, before progressing to full-scale commercialization.
PET is the most commonly used plastic for beverage and rigid food packaging. Around 27 million tonnes of PET a year are used in these applications globally, with the majority – around 23 million tonnes – used in bottles.
BP Infinia technology is designed to turn difficult-to-recycle PET plastic waste – such as black food trays and colored bottles – into recycled feedstocks that are interchangeable with those made from traditional hydrocarbon sources.
These recycled feedstocks can then be used to make new PET packaging that may be recycled again and again. This could reduce the need for downcycling and divert plastic waste from landfill and incineration.

Press Release Courtesy of BP.

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