Century Aluminum & Ocean GeoLoop Carbon Capture

Century Aluminum Company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Nordural Grundartangi ehf (“Nordural” or “Grundartangi”), signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with industrial green technology leader, Ocean GeoLoop, for carbon capture at the Grundartangi plant in Iceland. The project has an ambition to reduce Iceland’s carbon emission by approximately 10% by deploying Ocean GeoLoop’s carbon capture solution.

Ocean GeoLoop develops, pilots, and commercializes multifunctional environmental technologies for carbon capture, utilization, and storage. The GeoLoop carbon capture solution is characterized by several unique capabilities, as the CO2 separation is 100% clean, can capture 100% of the CO2, and has no need for special adaptations based on the type of flue gas. The carbon capture process is expected to be assisted by the e-Loop, a proprietary, horizontal hydropower unit, enabling electricity production from low quality heat sources.

Nordural produces Natur-Al™ aluminum with one of the lowest CO₂ footprints in the world. With OGL, Nordural has the ambition to become a carbon neutral aluminum producer.

Courtesy of Century Aluminum. 
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