Emerson Supports China’s Carbon Reduction Goals

Emerson, a global technology and software company, will provide integrated wind automation solutions and services to Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (TYHI) for three greenfield wind farms located in Shanxi Province, China, a region experiencing high growth in its renewable generation base. Emerson’s wind turbine control software and expertise combined with TYHI wind turbines will deliver green energy to over 35 million residents located in Beijing and other Northern China cities.

Emerson’s wind turbine controls and SCADA software will enable the reliable and efficient operation of three greenfield wind farms capable of generating 300 megawatts of clean energy from over 40 wind turbines supplied by TYHI. Emerson’s expanded renewable capabilities and expertise were amplified by the acquisition of Mita-Teknik, a global leader in wind generation solutions with expertise in control design of over 750 wind turbine models and an install base of more than 60,000 systems worldwide.

The collaboration with TYHI to deliver clean wind energy to local communities is one step in advancing China’s sustainability journey. This project is an example of Emerson’s “Greening By” environmental sustainability strategy that is described in Emerson’s 2021 ESG report as helping critical industries leverage the power of automation and novel solutions to deliver the low-carbon energy system transition. The wind farms are scheduled for commercial operation in 2023.

Courtesy of Emerson. 

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