Innovative Green Program at Dismantled Industrial Site

Sergio Costa, Italian Minister of the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea, and Eni’s CEO, Claudio Descalzi, have signed a preliminary agreement committing Eni to carrying out a program of decarbonization, environmental mitigation, and redevelopment and enhancement at the site in Gela, which is no longer used to produce and process mineral oils.

The program will involve dismantling all disused areas across the industrial site over the next 10 years, and giving them new functions. During the first phase of this process, which will take place over the next three years, disused production plants will be demolished over a total area of more than 20 hectares. A decarbonization project will be carried out at the site, applying Eni’s innovative technologies to capture and reuse carbon dioxide and convert it into cement material and bio-oil. This will reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmental, economic, and social sustainable development. Debris and structures on the seabed, stretching 500m along each side of the pier, will also be removed.

Press Release Courtesy of Eni.

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