PFEIFFER committed to reducing its carbon footprint

PFEIFFER Chemie Armaturenbau GmbH has been awarded the ÖKOPROFIT eco-label for the first time. The German manufacturer of valves for the chemical industry has invested around EUR 122,000 as part of its ÖKOPROFIT program. The company aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 55.5 tons per year through six different measures. 
Mr. Stefan Czayka, head of the Quality Department and responsible for the ÖKOPROFIT project at PFEIFFER explains: "Besides helping to protect the environment, we will save around EUR 29,000 by implementing the measures."
The Viersen district’s climate protection manager Mr. Felix Schütte visited PFEIFFER to hand over the certificate signed by the regional commissioner Dr. Andreas Coenen. Twelve companies in the Viersen district took part in the 2020/21 ÖKOPROFIT project and received advice from environmental experts.
The most expensive investment to help PFEIFFER save up to 28 tons of CO2 emissions per year is the new photovoltaic installation mounted on the roof of the main warehouse building. PFEIFFER invested EUR 105,000 in this one project.
PFEIFFER CEO Mr. Marcus Miertz comments: "The annual savings of 72,009 kWh electricity achieved by using solar panels are immense and benefit the environment."
The company was able to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by five tons without spending a cent. "Our vocational trainees now regularly check the compressed air network for leakage to detect and stifle any unnecessary energy consumption at an early stage," reports Ms. Lydia Arndt in charge of production scheduling for mechanical manufacturing.
Facility manager Mr. Mark Uhlemann, who is also responsible for fire safety within the 220-employee-strong company, describes a measure which saves around 19,000 kWh every year: "We are switching to energy-saving lightings, such as LED, when light bulbs have to be replaced."
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