Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App

Siemens offers customers the ability to make both process measurements, and to remotely monitor the activity and health of instrumentation, using a SCADA, PLC or DCS system, or otherwise.

Siemens MindSphere information can be uploaded to the cloud and then used to provide users with real-time monitoring of multiple assets, retrieving real-time data from multiple remote sites for your user group, anywhere and any time. In addition, users can receive alarms, alerts and notifications without delay. to their PC, tablet or mobile device. 

Below are some examples of where the Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App can be used:

Tank Monitoring

SITRANS store IQ can be designed around users specific remote tank farm monitoring
requirements. This can be done by measuring key variables on site, using either Siemens
instrumentation or other manufacturer’s equipment already installed. Instrumentation,
such as tank level, pressure and temperature can be accessed so users can confirm they have all the necessary information about the installation.

Remote Pumping Stations
Elevated Tank/Booster Pump Station
Truck Loading/Unloading
Pipeline Safety and Security
Remote Lift Station

Whether users are handling truck loading or unloading, lift station activity, water tank levels or tracking the distribution of water through a water network, Siemens can take critical information in remote locations and place it the user’s hands.

Details & Image Courtesy of Siemens.

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